WORKING ON THE AQUANAUT – A handmade homage.

Andreas Franke's work is inseparably linked to the ocean. As a passionate diver, he has always been fascinated by the pioneering work of the first helmet divers. From this perspective, the idea for the creation of the AQUANAUT did not come by chance.

Manufacturing AQUANAUT 1
Manufacturing AQUANAUT 2

Together with a 3D artist, the first draft was created. Then the shape was modeled on the computer and the body posture and details were lovingly worked out in the digital sculpting process. Using high-quality 3D printing, the prototype of our pioneer was finally created.

Manufacturing AQUANAUT 3
Manufacturing AQUANAUT 4

With this, our mold maker developed a highly complex plaster mold consisting of four separate pieces.

Manufacturing AQUANAUT 5
Manufacturing AQUANAUT 6

The freshly cast individual parts were then assembled by hand and carefully retouched. Then at last came the first firing process. Then a second. And a third to apply the glaze. To this day, every AQUANAUT undergoes this elaborate work process.

Manufacturing AQUANAUT 7
Manufacturing AQUANAUT 8

The models with a metallic finish are further vaporized with titanium oxide in the vacuum chamber to give them their extravagant look.

Manufacturing AQUANAUT 9
Manufacturing AQUANAUT 10

Finally, after careful quality control, each unique piece is packed in a custom-made wooden box – and is therefore ready to dive into new worlds with new owners.